Egypt’s first power station project ready to roll

The Ministry of Electricity will start implementing the first nuclear station project by "organizing workshops for Egyptian technicians, dispatching them for training in advanced nuclear countries, and sending experts to help put together nuclear safety reports," said Minister of Electricity Hassan Younis, highlighting that monitoring bodies in some European countries would also be studied for reference.

In statements to the press on Friday, the minister said, "The European Union has earmarked €2 million for the implementation of a two-year training program," adding, "There will also be other local training activities conducted in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency." The minister affirmed that all such activities will be carried out in compliance with international agreements governing this issue.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electricity announced that it’s signing four contracts over the coming few days to hook up the East Oweinat area to the national power network. The total value of those contracts amounts to L.E115 million.

In a statement issued Friday, the ministry said that by signing the four new contracts, the ministry will have signed nine contracts to serve that immense project; the first set of contracts, worth L.E107 million, having been signed last November. The first phase of the projects is to be completed in 2011, with a total of investments of L.E1.5 billion.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.



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