Egypt’s Grand Mufti says Eid prayers can be performed at home

Egypt’s Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam confirmed that anyone afraid of performing the Eid prayers due to the pandemic can still pray at home.

During an interview with journalist Hamdy Rizk in “Koteba Alaykum Al Siyam” program, Allam explained that an Eid prayer at home is two rak’ahs without a sermon after, and is done one third of an hour after sunrise and a third of an hour before noon prayers.

Desirable sunnahs on the first day of Eid include taking a shower, using perfume, wearing new clothes and looking good, he continued.

Allam reminded Muslims to pay the “Zakat al-Fitr” charity before the Eid prayer.

The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments has renewed its instructions to hold Eid prayers in mosques where only Friday prayers are held.

The ministry emphasized that there is no room for Eid prayers to be held in any squares or yard under the current circumstances of COVID-19 in order to preserve the health of the whole community.

The ministry advised to take all precautionary measures such as social distancing. It added that the duration of the Takbir announcements should not exceed seven minutes, and sermons must be no longer than 10.

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