Electricity workers say they won’t cut services during protests

Workers at electric power stations on Sunday continued protests to demand fairer pay and the dismissal of electricity authority leaders, but denied any intention to disconnect electricity. 
In a statement yesterday, the Electrical Engineers Coalition said workers protected power stations during the revolution, as many were attacked, preventing a potential nationwide power outage.
The statement said that two years ago a court ruled there was a mistake in the way their salaries were disbursed but they have still not been paid the full amounts.
The majority of people think electric engineers receive the highest salaries, the statement said, although some get no more than LE800 monthly.
Protesters said they will gradually escalate their strike until it becomes an open-ended sit-in. They demand the dismissal of Mohamed Awad, head of the holding company for electricity, and the issuing of the rest of their salaries, which they say have been accumulating since the court ruling.
They said Electricity Minister Hassan Younis met with them in April and is aware of the protests, while Mohamed Abdel Qader, head of the minister’s office, said their accumulating salaries are ready but there must be a specific method for the amount to be paid so senior workers have priority.
Officials at the electricity company are currently reviewing workers' files to identify who qualifies for the payments.
In a press release on Monday, the minister said no one can darken Egypt, and electricity workers are aware of their responsibilities. 

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