EMA raises weather forecast for Tuesday in Cairo

Amid another summer heatwave, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority has raised its forecast for Tuesday in Cairo, Assiut, and Salloum.

Temperatures will slightly pass 40C in Cairo and hit 43C in Upper Egypt.

Very hot weather will continue throughout the week, with a significant rise in humidity from Wednesday until Friday. Temperatures should decrease in some areas on Saturday and Sunday.

Meteorologists confirmed that there is a chance of rain falling on the cities of Halayeb and Shalateen on Tuesday, coupled with mist in the morning. 

Meteorologists expected Tuesday to be very hot and humid in Cairo as well as the Delta, the north coast, South Sinai, and Upper Egypt. 

The weather today might give way to thunderstorms in the Red Sea mountains, as well as Halayeb and Shalateen.

Waves in the Mediterranean and Red seas will be moderate, ranging between one and a half and two meters in the Mediterranean, and between one and 2.25 meters in the Red Sea.

High temperatures for Tuesday:

Cairo: 40.3C

Alexandria: 35C

Qena: 42C

Aswan: 43C

High temperatures for Wednesday:

Cairo: 41C

The Delta: 41C

Northern coast: 35C

Northern Upper Egypt: 42C

Southern Upper Egypt: 44C

The maximum and perceived temperature in Cairo and the Delta on Thursday will be 42C and 44C, dropping to 41C and 43C on Friday and Saturday. It will to continue to drop on Sunday to 39 and 41C.

Temperatures along the north coast from Thursday to Friday will range between 35-38C, dropping to 34-37C on Saturday and Sunday.

In South Sinai, temperatures will range from 39C to 42C from Thursday to Sunday. 

In southern Upper Egypt, temperatures are expected to reach 45-46C Thursday to Sunday, while northern Upper Egypt will range between 41 and 45C.

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