Envoy says Russia will not interfere in Egypt

Russia vowed on Wednesday not to interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs amid mass demonstrations staged since 25 January.

Many international leaders have joined protesters in their calls for President Hosni Mubarak's resignation and a swift transition of power. Egypt has denounced statements issued by the US, Turkey and Europe calling on Mubarak to respond to his people's demands, describing them as "unacceptable interference."

Russian envoy to the Middle East Alexander Soltanov told reporters after meeting with Mubarak that his country "did not and will not interfere in Egypt’s affairs."

“We, in Russia, don’t want to give recommendations because we trust the wisdom of the Egyptian people and leaders as well as the government,” Soltanov said. “Egypt will eventually surpass the current crisis in light of legitimate measures and dialogue.”

Soltanov said Russian President Dimitri Medvedev and the government are concerned about current developments in Egypt, which is normal due to the important role Egypt plays in the Middle East.

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