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Ethiopia rejects Egypt’s attempts to internationalize the Renaissance Dam crisis

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry rejected in a statement today, Thursday, Egypt’s attempts to internationalize the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis.

He continued by saying that the Nile water is a file for the basin countries.

Ethiopia confirmed that it has the right to use its natural resources, adding: “We have built the Renaissance Dam and we will complete it so that the people of Ethiopia can see the light.”

“We seek to make the Renaissance Dam an integrated project between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia,” thr Ethiopian Ministry stated.

On Friday, the Coordinating Council of the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia announced that 90 percent of the construction of the dam had been completed.

This is despite all of the challenges and diplomatic pressures.

On the occasion of the twelfth anniversary of the start of construction of the dam, the Council praised the contributions of the Ethiopians to the project in terms of financing, experience and employment.

They also thanked the diplomats who defended the project internationally.

Ethiopia has already started generating electricity from the Dam in February 2022, as the operating turbines, out of a total of 13 turbines, can currently generate 750 megawatts of electricity.

In July 2021, Ethiopia completed the second stage of filling the reservoir, and in August 2022 it completed the third stage, while Addis Ababa is expected to finish the fourth stage of filling by summer.

The dam project, which cost US$4.2 billion, was launched in 2012 and will be the largest hydroelectric project in Africa once completed.

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