EU to “look for concrete evidence” on Iran’s involvement in Ukraine war, says top official

The European Union “will look for concrete evidence” on Iran’s involvement in Russia’s military assault on Ukraine, according to the bloc’s foreign policy chief.

Russia is “more and more isolated” and is “losing this war,” Josep Borrell said as he arrived in Luxembourg for a meeting with EU foreign ministers on Monday.

When asked about Iran’s involvement in the war in Ukraine, Borrell said: “This is something that will be discussed … and we will look for concrete evidence about the participation (of Iran).”

EU foreign ministers are due to discuss “peace facility, military support” and a “training mission” to support Ukraine, Borrell added.

Iran has repeatedly rebuffed claims from Kyiv and US intelligence that it is supplying “kamikaze” drones for Moscow’s war on Ukraine.

The denials from Tehran follow a string of deadly drone attacks launched by Russia across Ukraine Monday.

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