Eyewitnesses say documents burning in state security HQs in 6th October, Zagazig

Hundreds of protesters today surrounded the state security headquarters in 6th October City after thick smoke was seen rising from the building and surrounding area.

The protesters attempted to break into the building after it was said that some state security officers had burned important documents inside. Officers responded by firing in the air to disperse the protesters.

One of the protesters said they had succeeded in opening one of the building's gates to break in and obtain some of the unburned documents.

Eyewitnesses said that cars carrying several files drove off fast and the protesters could not catch up with them.

An army force was deployed around the building and its leader tried to calm the protesters, promising to keep the papers safe. The protesters, meanwhile, called for quick intervention to save what they described as important documents.

Eyewitnesses in Zagazig also said they saw smoke rising from the state security building in their governorate, likewise claiming that documents and files are being burned inside the building.

Mahmoud Youssef, a worker in a school located opposite the building, said he has seen smoke there since early morning.

Youssef added that the building's gates are closed and three central security trucks are positioned there, but nobody has moved to put out the fire or call a fire engine.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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