Fact box: 51 dead in violence since Friday, according to official sources

The number of deaths in violence between protesters and security forces since Friday stands at 51 in Cairo and other governorates, according to official figures.

One civilian was killed in Cairo, 40 in Port Said, and 10 in Suez. The latest injury toll stood at 1,139 nationwide, according to a statement by the Health Ministry on Sunday.

This number is expected to rise since clashes are ongoing in several governorates around the country.

On Monday, a Health Ministry statement said the number of deaths in Port Said had risen to 40 from 37, saying that three victims had died in the hospital from their injuries.

Of the total number in Port Said, 31 people, including two police officers, were killed in the violence that followed a court verdict on Saturday sentencing 21 to death for the murder of 72 people in the 2012 Port Stadium football violence.

The violence took place around the Port Said prison and also around some of the police stations in the city, as the defendants' relatives and local supporters attempted to break them out of jail. 

On Sunday, unknown assailants opened fire with live ammunition on the funeral procession for the 29 civilians who were killed earlier. The Health Ministry later said that 6 additional people died, either from gunfire during the funeral or from injuries received Saturday. 

Additionally, three more people injured during the Port Said violence died from their injuries in Ismailia Monday, bringing the total number dead from Port Said to 40.

In Suez, nine people were killed during clashes between protesters and security forces Friday. A prisoner at Ataka prison was also killed Sunday when inmates' relatives attempted to break into the prison.

Cairo saw its first fatality early Monday morning, when a passer-by on his way back from work was hit with birdshot in Tahrir Square, according to state-run news agency MENA, which quoted a security source.

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