First Nile cruise between Egypt and Sudan has been launched

La Fleur Sur Le Nil (The Flower on The Nile) cruise ship, powered by clean energy, embarked on the first touristic trip of its kind from Egypt to Sudan on Saturday, March 23, MENA news agency reported.

Deputy Chairman of the Nile Valley Authority for River Navigation Moustafa Amer stated that the ship traveled the Nile passing by Lake Nasser heading to Wadi Halfa in Northern Sudan, unlike the prior Nile cruises that have stopped at Abu Simbel Village.

Amer told MENA that the fully modern ship is set to arrive at Wadi Halfa Port on March 27. He asserted that it is fully equipped with all means of modern navigation to guarantee safe arrival in Sudan.

He added that the recently launched “Maiden Voyage” is a ten-day journey throughout which tourists will visit various attractions including the Temple of Abu Simbel, Ameda Temple, Amda/Sebua Temples, Kerma Civilization, the Meroë Pyramids area, and Saï Island in Sudan.

The ship (The Flower on The Nile) is a French-Egyptian production by the French company “Voyages” in collaboration with the Nile Valley Authority for River Navigation, Amer noted.

In February, the Former Minister of Transportation signed an agreement in the presence of the Sudanese Transportation Minister between the Nile Valley Authority for River Navigation and Dahab Company to annually transport 120,000 tons of goods worth 30 million LE along the nile.

The Nile Valley Authority for River Navigation is an Egyptian-Sudanese organization that works in the transportation of passengers as well as goods. It was established in 1975 as the only international transporter in Nasser Lake, according to the Egyptian Trade Union Federation.

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