Five killed after three separate disputes cause violence

Disputes in three governorates led to violence on Saturday, leaving at least five people killed and many injured, as well as houses and vehicles burnt.

In Giza’s Ayyat, armed conflict erupted among residents of two villages after a dispute. One person was killed and 14 injured.

Investigators found that residents used machine guns, stones and Molotov cocktails. Security forces imposed cordons to gain control over the situation, and the two villages came to resemble military barracks.

In Gerga city in Sohag, clashes erupted among residents of several villages following a dispute among street vendors. A vehicle belonging to the civil defense forces was smashed.

According to witnesses, at least two people were killed and eight injured. Security services were unable to discover the cause of the conflict or count the losses. Reports were filed so prosecution could start investigations.

In Minya, two people were killed and five injured in a clash between a security guard and citizens, who were thought to have tried to steal a cement store.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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