Foreign Ministry raises entry visa fees

The Foreign Ministry has decided to raise entry fees to Egypt from various land, sea, and air ports from US$25 to $60, starting March 1st, amid the rejection of tourism sector companies and officials.

The immigration authorities, port authorities and the Tourism Companies Chamber have been notified of the decision.

Fees imposed on violators of visa regulations have been also raised according to the decision.
Officials of the Tourism Companies Chamber stressed in a statement that the timing of the decision is inappropriate and would harm the tourism inflow to Egypt in light of the travel warnings in place in several foreign countries and the already high entry fees for archaeological sites in Egypt.
Other countries around the world cancel visas in order to attract tourists. Raising entry visa fees would decrease the inflow of tourists, said captain of the Red Sea tour guides Bashar Abu Taleb.

The decision reflects the state of confusion in tourism-related decisions and the government's functioning as if in 'isolated islands', said Abu Taleb.

Tourists who visit Egypt are from the poor and middle classes including laborers, farmers, and the elderly. They cannot bear additional fees, Abu Taleb added.

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