Foreign Ministry rejects ‘misinformation’ about budget

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Amr Roshdy has dismissed what he called as the “widely circulated reports” about the ministry's budget and expenditures as "totally untrue."

In a statement, Roshdy asserted Tuesday that the ministry earns about LE1.5 billion in annual revenue through various service fees. He added that the US State Department's expenditures were 150 times higher than the Egyptian Foreign Ministry's.

Roshdy did not elaborate who exactly has accused the Ministry of having a huge budget.

Roshdy rejected reports by several analysts, academics and media figures concerning the ministry's expenditures. He also insisted that the total number of Egyptian diplomatic missions overseas stands at 165. The figure includes embassies, consulates, representation offices and UN delegates, comprising 980 diplomatic workers serving 8-10 million expatriates.

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