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Foreigners must now submit proof of transferring residency fees into Egyptian pounds

The Egyptian Council of Ministers issued a decision stipulating that foreigners applying for the right of residence for tourism or non-tourism purposes must now submit a receipt showing they have transferred the equivalent of the residence fee from the dollar or its equivalent in free currencies to the Egyptian pound, from one of the approved banks or exchange companies.

Foreigners residing in the country illegally must also legalize their residence, according to the decision, so long as they have a host of Egyptian nationality, within three months from the date of this decision.

This is done in exchange for payment of administrative expenses equivalent to US$1,000, deposited in an account designated for this purpose in accordance with the procedures determined by the Ministry of Interior.

Egypt has moved to regularize foreigners and violators applying to the General Administration of Passports to obtain residency permits for tourism and other purposes, requiring them to submit a receipt indicating that they have transferred their residency fees to a designated bank account.

This follows from an August order by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly obliging foreigners applying to the General Administration of Passports, Immigration and Nationality to submit a receipt indicating that they have transferred their equivalent of residency fees, late fines, or costs of issuing a residency card in dollars or the equivalent in foreign currencies, through certified banks or exchange companies.

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