Former Jihadi figure says Jihadists involved in killing of senior police officer

Abdel Ghafour Shemeis, former leader of al-Jihad group, said recently-formed Jihadist groups were likely involved in killing of Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk, in charge of the Muslim Brotherhood issues within Interior Ministry’s national security branch.
He ruled out that either the Brotherhood or Jama’a al-Islamiya were behind the accident.
The accident is certainly political not criminal one, Shemeis told Egypt Independent. Some people consider attacking police and military personnel as a kind of jihad.
He added that the killing violates Islamic teaching since it was done with no real justification. Shemeis also said that such accident will negatively affect the Islamic movements by tightening the crackdown on them.
The perpetrators seek increasing the gap between the Muslim Brotherhood and security services and the national security agency specifically, he argued.
Shemeis himself spent 14 years in prison for accusations of attempting to overthrow the regime.

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