Former minister: Mubarak hid scale of disagreement with Nile states

Ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s regime deliberately hid the extent of disagreement with Nile Basin states, said former Minister of Water Resources Mohamed Nasr al-Din Allam. He went on to say that the regime had falsely claimed that Egypt and the Nile Basin states had successfully resolved 99 percent of the disputed issues.

“In the minutes of their meetings in the Ugandan capital, Entebbe, in 2007 before I was appointed to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, ministers of Nile Basin states mentioned that they reached a point where negotiations were no longer useful," said Allam.

Allam went on to say that the former policy in dealing with Nile Basin countries was to calm down the situation rather that to resolve the disputes.

"I used to submit periodic reports to the presidency which focused on the importance of cooperating with the Nile Basin States and monitoring the situation in case Ethiopia built any water dams on the Nile,” said Allam.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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