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Four killed, 10 injured in run over accident in northeastern Cairo

Four people were killed in a mini-bus accident at Ezbat al-Nakhl, northeastern Cairo, in which 10 people were injured, as a result of run over while the mini-bus was moving down from the top of the new bridge in the Ezbat al-Nakhl, hitting pedestrians on the street.

A medical source said that the dead were taken to the morgue, and the injured were taken to hospitals.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the driver of the mini-bus lost control while driving, and ran over 10 people in front of a juice shop on Terat al-Tawfiqia Street.

Police received an emergency report on the accident from security services on al-Teraa Street in Ezbat al-Nakhl.

The authorities immediately moved to the location of the incident, and upon examination, it was found that while a people were hit by the mini-bus while they were walking on Terat al-Tawfiqia Street.

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