Four policemen remanded into custody over Ismailia prison break-out

Ismailia prosecutors ordered Thursday the detention of another four low-ranking police officers in relation to al-Mostakbal Central Prison break-out on October 21.

The prosecutors listened to the testimony of the four policemen and questioned them on their duties and methods of working.

They requested details on the weapons carried by policemen while on duty, the means of serving food to prisoners, and visits by the prisoners' relatives prior to the incident.

The four men face charges of gross negligence in permitting prisoners to escape from the facility.

A senior police officer and a civilian were shot dead and a low-ranking policeman was injured at dawn last Friday when six prisoners escaped from the prison.

According to security sources, three of the fleeing prisoners were affiliated with the terrorist group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis (also known as Sinai Province), and the other three have been convicted of different crimes.

Major Mohamed al-Hussainy, chief detective at Abu Sawyer police station, was killed while chasing the fugitives, and a civilian passerby named Ahmed Rizk was also killed during the chase.

The injured policeman was named as Mohamed Abul Fotouh.

The jail-break started with one prisoner claiming he was ill. When Aboul Fotouh opened the door of the cell, the perpetrators snatched his pistol, shot him in the thighs and fled the scene.  

The sources said that more than 10 armed elements using pickup trucks helped the fugitives in their getaway, showering the prison with bullets from automatic weapons.

The prosecution office in Ismailia governorate ordered the detention of 14 policemen for a period of four days pending investigations into the incident.

The policemen hold various ranks, including colonel, major, and first lieutenant, while most are from the lower ranks.

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