Giza cracks down on poultry shops

Over the last few days, representatives from the governorate of Giza uncovered large amounts of rotten poultry as it inspected poultry shops and fridges throughout the governorate.

The Veterinary Medicine Directorate in Giza coordinated its efforts with the Health Directorate and Food Supply Investigations Bureau in Giza to inspect fridges throughout the governorate, said Sayed Gad el-Mawla, manager of the veterinary directorate. Representatives found 6100 kilograms of poultry, including breasts and wings, that were unfit for human consumption in a shop on Eshreen Street in Boulaq el-Dakrour. Approximately 5800 kilograms of the finding were disposed of at the Shabramant landfill and 300 kilograms were seized by the government to use as a sample. The owner of the fridge was referred to public prosecution.

In addition, 15 shops were found to be selling 394 rotten eggs, said Gad el-Mawla. Reports were filed and the owners were instructed to seal their shops and dispose of the rotten eggs in an appropriate manner.

Another 25 household coops holding 306 eggs were found during the campaign, and were removed. The areas were sanitized and the poultry slaughtered and given to the owners.

Gad el-Mawla confirmed he had received instructions from Giza Governor Sayed Abdel Aziz to stop and search vehicles transporting poultry without official permits at Giza entry and exit points, in order to control the sale of live poultry.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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