Global Cybersecurity Forum to gather world’s key experts this November in Riyadh

Riyadh is set to host the Global Cybersecurity Forum (GCF) on November 8-9, bringing together some of the world’s leading experts and authorities on cybersecurity matters.

“Charting Shared Priorities in Cyberspace” marks the theme for this year’s forum, which follows directly from the success of last year’s event. With rapid advances in technology and shifts in international politics, cybersecurity is a more pressing matter than ever, especially for businesses and governments alike.

This year’s forum aims to assemble some of the world’s brightest minds in the cybersecurity field to discuss these crucial topics.

Five sub-themes divide this year’s forum, each covering a vital concern regarding cybersecurity and its ramifications on the world at large:

Cyberspace Amidst Polycrisis: Advancing collective action for cyber stability: In an inter-connected technological world facing ever more shaky security issues, this topic looks at how the role of cybersecurity as a vanguard for protection is more important than ever.

Cyber Growth Unlocked: Harnessing markets, incentives, and global public cyber goods: As with many other aspects of life, the economy has shifted into the realm of the digital. This theme relates to how cybersecurity can face issues related to the growth of the cyber economy.

Across Cyber Divides: Building a human-centered and inclusive cyberspace: Cyberspace is diverse and global, encompassing people from every walk of life. This topic ensures this fact is not forgotten and that cyberspace as an environment is one centered around people and not companies and algorithms.

Inside Cyber Minds: Exploring behavioral levers and motivations in cyberspace: To understand the nature of cybercrime means to understand the nature of the human mind. How does human psychology play a role in being shaped by and shaping cyberspace?

Emerging Cyber Horizons: Maximizing the benefits of paradigm-shifting technologies: New, powerful technologies are popping up constantly, changing the world and how we live radically. The realm of cybersecurity thus must get above every emergent technology in order to gain the upper hand.

First launched in February 2020, the Global Cybersecurity Forum has been held every year in Riyadh since, becoming the biggest location for cybersecurity experts to convene and discuss topics crucial to protecting our rapidly evolving technological world.

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