Govt study: Egyptians not ambitious for leadership positions

The majority of Egyptians do not aspire to leadership positions, a government study released on Wednesday says. 

The study questioned more than 6000 participants and was carried out by the National Center for Social and Criminological Research in collaboration with the cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center.

Only 1.5 percent said they aspired to become president, while 1.6 percent would go for top ministerial, institutional or academic posts, the study revealed.

Twenty-nine percent wanted to become a member of parliament, while 95 percent desired membership in municipal councils.

Of those participants aged 55 and above, 27.9 percent did not wish to fill leadership positions; the same statistic was 76.2 percent for Egyptians younger than 53.

Meanwhile 7.58 percent described themselves as belonging to the “lowest class” and said they were not ambitious to reach any prominent position.

The study said its findings reflect a lack of social and political mobility, which it attributes to the state and society at large.


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