Group of Nubians issue calendar to preserve cultural identity

In order to preserve the Nubian identity and assert that Nubia has a spoken and written language, a number of young Nubians issued a calendar for 2015 in the two Nubian dialects of Fadigi and Kenzi.

“The calendar aims to spread cultural awareness and preserve the Nubian language from extinction,” said Hany Kabara who came up with the idea.
He said that he started working on it last year. “Mohamed Suleiman Gadkab, a specialist in the Nubian language, helped me name the weeks, and Mohamed Khogli drew the pictures,” he said.
He explained that the Nubian days of the week begin on Thursday and end on Wednesday, and that every day is linked to a specific event.
Thursday is called Ar, Friday Mushno, Saturday Sante, Sunday Kirage, Monday Fosh, Tuesday Fosh Nin and Wednesday Fosh Nundi, he said.
“At the end of each month of the calendar we wrote a Nubian proverb and translated it in Arabic and English,” he said.
He added that each month has a picture of a special event. For example, February has a picture of a Nubian dish to symbolize hospitality, May has a picture of a palm tree, the source of livelihood, June has a picture of a Nubian house where weddings are held, September has a picture of a Nubian woman, and October has a picture of the sun passing over the Abu Simbel Temple.
“The calendar will be translated in English, German and French to introduce the Nubian civilization to the world,” he said.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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