GUC threatens to expel students if they stage protests

On Sunday German University in Cairo (GUC) students announced their intention to protest on 14 November to present certain demands, and the administration warned against this, threatening to expel them.

Muslim Brotherhood students, Socialist Revolutionary students, and the Student Union of the German University issued a statement listing “non-negotiable“ demands, calling for the cancelation of university elections that they say were based on interim regulations that do not reflect the will of the students.

They also demand that the university bylaws be published for students to accept or reject before opting to enter the university so that they become familiar with their full rights and duties.
They further demand mechanisms to document all transactions between students and university staff, administrators or academics.
The students rejected threats by the administration that the government could apply criminal and civil laws on the students on campus.
The fight for an independent student union at GUC goes back to March 2003, when students also staged protests on campus. 
Protests in private universities took off in April, challenging a prevalent belief that students' dissent only takes place in public universities. 
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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