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Here’s why the US sent its largest nuclear submarine to the Middle East

The former director of the Egyptian Naval College Mahfouz Marzouk on Monday listed several reasons as to why the US has just sent its largest nuclear submarine to the Middle East.

During a telephone interview with TV host Ahmed Moussa on the “By My Responsibility” show, Marzouk said that the submarine’s presence is to mainly deter Iranian or Russian interference in the Palestinian crisis.

He continued: “Despite the Russian-Iranian cooperation in supplying weapons and drones, there is no apparent cooperation regarding entering into the Gaza Strip crisis.”

Marzouk said: “America now has the ability to enter land, conduct special naval operations, and transport soldiers through the ships and submarines it sent to the Middle East.”

The current military force of America and its allies has not entered the Mediterranean for 40 years,” he noted.

America is trying to provide air defense security and intercept drones on Israel, Marzouk said, pointing out that Russia is now preoccupied with the war with Ukraine.

The Ohio-class is currently the most advanced naval fighter in the world and carries nuclear warheads and 154 Toma Hawk missiles, he explained.

It can strike targets 7,000 km away, and is characterized by stealth and its ability to remain underwater for long periods, Marzouk added.


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