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Hezbollah targets camp in Golan, injuring 18 Israeli soldiers

Eighteen Israeli soldiers were injured following a drone explosion at the Revaya Camp in the Golan Heights launched by Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

The report added that three soldiers were left in critical condition.

Hezbollah announced that it launched an air attack with a swarm of attack drones on the headquarters of the Armored Battalion of the “188th” Brigade in the Revaya camp.

The attack targeted the command building in the Revaya barracks and the locations of its officers and soldiers, it said, confirming a direct hit.

Hezbollah also announced targeting Israeli army artillery positions in Khirbet Maar using missiles.

In two separate statements, Hezbollah said it shot missiles at what it referred to as a “military operator,” and the headquarters of the Sahel Battalion, affiliated with the Beit Halal barracks.

It confirmed direct hits which at parts of the two targets, with fatalities.

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