IDSC: Vast majority of Egyptians attest to widespread corruption

Eighty-five percent of Egyptian society believes that corruption is a widespread social phenomenon, 94 percent believes it constitutes a serious problem, and 55 percent considered it part of their lives, according to an official survey assessing public perception of corruption.

The survey, conducted by Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center, revealed that 70 percent believes corruption increased last year, 19 percent said it remained the same as before, while 3 percent denied the existence of corruption in Egypt altogether.

According to the study, published Tuesday, 30 percent claimed that government employees blatantly ask for bribes, while 16 percent claim citizens offer bribes.

The study claimed that 67 percent believe the traffic and building licensing departments to be the most corrupt government bodies.

It also claimed that 77 percent do not know where to report corruption when they see it. According to the study, only 11 percent have seen or experienced corruption in the last three years and only 4 percent have ever reported corruption to authorities.

The report ended with saying that 61 percent believe the judiciary is the primary body responsible for fighting corruption while 42 percent believe the media is the primary body.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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