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Indian PM awarded Egypt’s highest honor, the Order of the Nile

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi awarded Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Egypt’s highest honor –  the Order of the Nile.

The Order of the Nile is the highest Egyptian honor, and is awarded to people who have made a distinguished contribution that affects the lives of Egyptians.

It is awarded to heads of state and distinguished Egyptians. The Order of the Nile was also awarded to Egyptians who won the Nobel Prize such as Mohamed ElBaradei, Ahmed Zewail, and Naguib Mahfouz.

It was granted in 1980 to late Egyptian economist Talaat Harb, after his death.

“The Order of the Nile is a pure gold collar consisting of three square gold unites on which there are Pharaonic symbols. The first unit resembles the idea of protecting the state against the evils, the second one resembles prosperity and happiness brought by the Nile and the third one refers to wealth and endurance,” according to the official website of the Egyptian presidency.

“Units are connected to one another by a circular gold flower decorated with turquoise and ruby…In the middle of the pendant, there is a protruding symbol representing the Nile that brings together the North (represented by the Papyrus) and the South (represented by the Lotus),” it added.

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