Intelligence chief meets with Hillary Clinton in Washington

Egyptian Intelligence Chief Mourad Mowafy met Friday with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington DC to talk about regional issues and the process of democratic development in Egypt, according to US State Department Spokesperson Mark Toner.

Toner said at a press conference on Friday that the Egyptian armed forces have exercised self-restraint and professionalism in dealing with demonstrations and protesters, calling on the military to continue to preserve order and allow the process of democratization to proceed.

Toner confirmed that the US is ready to support the Egyptian people until the coming elections are held and order is reestablished. He added that Egyptians are experiencing a very difficult challenge, though there are many signs of hope.

He said the military played an inspiring role during the 25 January revolution protests, stressing that they should continue to play the same role and follow the same criteria to achieve democracy.

Toner added that the US will continue to provide economic assistance to Egypt and push for a democratic transition.

In response to a reporter's question about the American stance on international monitoring of Egypt's upcoming elections, Toner said that the US hopes the coming elections will be transparent, but that the decision is in the hands of the Egyptian people.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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