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International community warns of ‘massacre’ as Israel readies to invade Rafah

Israel has intensified its bombing of Rafah City in preparation to storm it, amid warnings of a “global massacre” and “bloodbath”.

The International Court of Justice stated that 52 countries and three international organizations will express their opinions during hearings on the legal consequences of Israel’s practices in the Palestinian territories.

South Africa confirmed that it will not hesitate to take the necessary measures to support the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Information Center said that the hearings will be attended by Egypt, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Turkey, as well as the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the African Union, which will give oral statements lasting 30 minutes each.

The ICJ said in a statement on Friday evening that it will hold public hearings between February 19-26 regarding the legal consequences of Israeli practices in the Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem.

Regarding negotiations over detainees, US website Axios said that CIA Director William Burns is expected to visit Cairo on Monday.

Axios reported that Burns will hold meetings with Egyptian officials regarding efforts to launch negotiations on a new agreement to ensure the release of the remaining hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, according to American and Israeli officials.


Israel planning mass evacuation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the army to develop a complex plan to evacuate civilians from Rafah and eliminate Hamas as raids on the city continue to escalate.

Hamas warned against the occupation committing widespread and horrific massacres in Rafah, and stated that the US administration’s position on not supporting the attack on Rafah does not absolve it of full responsibility for the consequences.

The Government Information Office in Gaza warned of what it called a “disaster” and “global massacre” in the event that the Israeli occupation invades Rafah Governorate.

Germany considered that any attack launched by the occupation on Rafah would be tantamount to a humanitarian catastrophe, an opinion shared by Jordan which held the UN Security Council responsible for stopping the deterioration and imposing an immediate ceasefire.

Saudi Arabia said that the continued violation of international law confirms the necessity of holding an urgent meeting of the Security Council to prevent Israel from causing a humanitarian disaster.

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