Internet scammer still on the loose

 The public security department at the Ministry of Interior is intensifying efforts to arrest the man accused of conducting an internet fraud through which he allegedly seized more than LE200 million from over 200 people around Egypt and the Arab world.

Haitham Adnan, the suspect, allegedly took money from his victims after convincing them that he would invest it in stocks using Forex system.

Lawyers for the victims declared that they intend to file a report to the attorney general demanding Adnan’s immediate arrest. Meanwhile, Egyptian courts have ruled that Adnan’s family cannot use the money he allegedly collected in the scheme.

Adnan’s secretary said that celebrities and company heads were among the victims of the scheme. She said that she had been working for the accused for five months, and that during that time there were only six agents at the Nasr City office, none of whom had defined jobs.

The secretary said that she met Adnan through an online forum that he organized in order to acquaint the people with Forex. She later decided to invest with Adnan, paying him US$8,000.

"I then learned that he is about to open a new office and needs employees, so, I applied for the job. I was a fresh graduate looking for a job, and I wanted also to be close to my money," she said. The secretary added that she never doubted him until Adnan neglected to pay her salary.

"Suspicions crept up on me when I asked him to give me LE5,000 in order to finish my traveling procedures, but he said that he was going through tough financial times and told me to wait another week, but when time was up, he  vanished," the secretary said. "My colleagues phoned me and told me that he deceived forum members and seized the money. It was then that I became sure he is a swindler and decided to file a report."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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