Iran: A powder keg

Repression in Iran knows no boundaries. No good news ever comes from Iran. It is all about executing dissidents, imprisoning journalists or arresting and jailing a girl for simply watching a football match. 
For trivial reasons, people are imprisoned there, their mouths are muzzled or they are killed, as if life should be this way in a country that one day had a civilization. 
Society in Iran is boiling because there is a blinded regime there that kills under the pretext of “velayat-e faqih” (or the Guardianship of Islamic Jurists in Shia Islam).
This ruthless regime lost all credibility from the corruption that has plagued the country and because the clergy controls the fate of millions of people.
Velayat-e faqih is a strange political system unmatched anywhere else on earth. It allows a mob of clergymen the grip on everything at any cost and in violation of the law, the traditions and the international charters, only for that mob to pursue its personal interests.
They are a bunch of old clerics, a few of which work at the office of the general guide of the republic. They are everything and everything else is nothing. For parliament, which they call the Islamic Shura Council, is but a decorative political body, the government is but a tool in the hands of the dictatorship, and the president is but an obedient servant of the supreme luide.
The supreme leader is their god. They have no other god but him on earth– or, I think, even in the sky. All state institutions, if there is a state at all, carry out the orders and teachings of the general guide, even if they are against their consciences and contradict the teachings of God.
The Iranian people await the moment of salvation, the moment of revolution against a regime that kills everyday and every minute, while the rest of the world is watching.
Iran is all the time meddling in the affairs of the Arab countries. And what is funny is that is trying to transfer its failed experience to us. Tehran generously pays money to its agents in the Arab countries but does not feed its own people. It buys weapons for the extremists that act on its behalf in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and other countries, while it is unable to provide medical care for its own sick citizens. It leaves its citizens to die of starvation and thirst in prisons and of being shot in public squares and sometimes even on university campuses, claiming that these are the teachings of God.
Tehran thought there was no place for the opposition on its territory, but discovered that this was an illusion. For despite all the repression, it did witness the largest opposition movement five years ago that was led by the university students. Although dormant under the ashes, that movement is expanding with the expansion of brutality.
The world should stand by the Iranian people. They deserve it.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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