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Is celebrating New Year’s permissible in Islam?

As celebrations for New Years 2023 is fast approaching, a large number of Egyptians are keen to celebrate that occasion and welcome the new year in.

They usually do this by gathering with family or friends.

There are others also in yhe society who question the permissibility of celebrating Christmas and New Year’s and there are doubts that it causes a conflict with Islamic Sharia law. 

Dar Al Iftaa explained, in a previous fatwa, the permissibility of celebrating the New Year’s.

Are New Year’s greetings impermissible in Islam?

Dar Al Iftaa stated in a previous fatwa that greetings for the New Year’s, and manifestations of celebration like hanging decorations, is permissible, and not prohibited in Islam, because it includes social, religious and patriotic purposes.

The fatwa said that Sharia approves festivities for people to entertain themselves, using such occasions to do good.

Qualities like strengthen kinship ties, generate economic benefits, and enhance community participation, unless it includes practices contrary to Islam.

New Year’s Eve celebrations

The celebration of Christmas acknowledges the miraculous birth of Prophet Jesus, son of Mary, peace be upon him, who was immortalized in the Holy Qur’an and commanded to be remembered in general as one of God’s messengers.

Dar Al Iftaa affirms that Muslims are commanded to coexist with people of other religions on the homeland and to make those around them feel at peace and serenity.

Sharing their joys and occasions is fine on the condition that this does not oblige them to perform religious rituals or worship practices that contradict Islamic beliefs.

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