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Is Shakira really interested in Tom Cruise?

Superstar Singer Sharika and Gerard Piqué announed on June 2022 that they were putting their marriage of 11 years to an end.

Shakira later released a song expressing her grief, as if time had stopped as soon as they moved away from each other.

In the song, Shakira attributed the reason for her separation from Pique, the famous soccer player, to “routine” and boredom, noting that her heart was broken after the end of their marriage.

And now her fans wonder if Shakira is ready to move on.

Shakira appeared next to world star Tom Cruise in “F1 Miami Grand Prix 2023”, standing next to each other, and they spoke as if they had a secret hidden just between them.

Everyone began to wonder: Is Tom Cruise the new love of international singer Shakira?

Photographers swarmed to capture their meeting at the Formula 1 Grand Prix held in Miami.


Shakira shoots down the rumors

Shakira revealed the truth about her appearance with Cruise, saying any reports about them being in a relationship were just rumors.

But she said she had a good time with Cruise when they met in Miami, though the singer stressed she has no plans to date him or repeat the meeting.

Sharkia said she is taking a break with herself as she still suffers from the scars of the separation, the US weekly reported.

Shakira and Pique separated on June 4, 2022. They announced the end of their relationship due to irreparable conflicts and ‘boredom’.

The couple’s relationship lasted for 11 years.

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