Islamic Group launches new website without sword emblem

The Islamic Group of Egypt has recently launched a new website displaying a redesigned emblem that depicts rays of light emanating from an open Quran. Under the image, the slogan reads: “Uphold the religion and do not become disunited.”

The previous logo depicted a Quran alongside a sword and a rising sun, with the Quranic verse “Fight them until there is no persecution.”

The new website includes sections on political news, a change in content from the previous focus on Islamic proselytizing that dominated the site since its establishment in 2006.

The emphasis on proselytizing on the site came as the result of an agreement between Islamic Group leadership and security services, in which the Islamist organization agreed to confine its proselytizing activities to its website and to not post content related to other subjects.

The latest update to the website includes an increase in the size of the homepage and the addition of 45 links to the site, some dealing with new subjects and others linking to articles from the old website.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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