Israel prepares for ‘comprehensive war’ against Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas

Israel is preparing for war against Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas, the military correspondent for Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Amos Harel, has reported. According to Harel, Israel is highly troubled by the M600 missiles recently obtained by Hizbullah, giving the Lebanese group the ability to accurately hit targets inside Israel.

The newspaper revealed yesterday that Israel has started military maneuvers including evacuating thousands of Jewish inhabitants to other cities deeper inside Israel to protect them from missile strikes from Iran and Syria, Hizbullah and potentially Hamas.

Harel pointed out that neither Syria nor Hizbullah trust Israeli intentions and consequently war could be waged very suddenly, either in response to international pressures on Iran to give up its nuclear program, or due to Hizbullah’s success in taking revenge for Israel’s assassination of Hizbullah military leader Emad Moghneyah.

Haaretz reported last week that the failure of intelligence services to gather accurate information concerning the intentions of Iran, Syria and Hizbullah is a major worry for Tel Aviv, and that Israel will do its best, using military power, to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

In related news, it was announced that Omar Suleiman, head of the Egypt’s intelligence security service, will visit Israel today for talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a number of high-ranking officials, according to AFP.

Netanyahu’s office said, “The visit will cover the peace process, bilateral relations, and regional and security cases.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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