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Israeli army says it will not allow fuel to enter Gaza

The Israeli army spokesperson announced that Israel will not allow fuel to enter the Gaza Strip even despite the catastrophic humanitarian situation, according to international media reports on Tuesday.

“We will not allow fuel to enter Gaza, because the Palestinian factions use it for military purposes, and Hamas needs it to operate its military vehicles,” he explained.

“The fuel that Hamas stole from UNRWA should be given to hospitals.”

The Gaza Strip’s health system has completely collapsed, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Tuesday.

The Israeli bombing of health facilities led to the death of 65 medical staff and the destruction of 25 ambulances, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Gaza added.

The Ministry of Health spokesperson explained that 12 hospitals and 32 health centers were out of service.

The Indonesian Hospital in the Gaza Strip lost power, becoming the first hospital in the Strip to go out of service due to running out of fuel.

The hospital announced early on Tuesday that it suffered from a power outage and the disruption of vital facilities as a result of running out of fuel, which threatens to worsen the humanitarian conditions in the Strip and indicates other hospitals are at risk.

Medical teams were forced to work with phone flashlights in order to treat the injured from the residential areas bombed in Khan Yunis by Israeli airstrikes on Monday.

The spokesperson for the World Food Program in Palestine, Alia Zaki, confirmed that aid cannot be delivered to Gaza without fuel.

The death toll in the Gaza Strip rose to 5,087, including 2,055 children and 119 women, on Tuesday, in addition to more than 15,000 wounded people.

The Ministry of Health added that it received more than 1,500 reports of missing persons still under the rubble, including 800 children.



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