Israeli security team inspects Cairo airport before El Al flights resume

The Israeli Embassy in Cairo on Monday sent a security team to Cairo International Airport to examine passenger security and cargo inspection systems.

The team inspected the systems to prepare for resuming El Al flights between Cairo and Israel at their pre-revolution rate of four flights per week, an airport source said.

After the revolution, the number of flights decreased to one per month because there was less travel between the two countries, the source said, adding that so-called "1948 Arabs" tend to travel on Air Sinai.

The inspection is a standard procedure and the right of any airline with regular flights to a particular airport, the source said, so Air Sinai has also performed similar inspections at Ben-Gurion and other Israeli airports.

El Al began its flights between Cairo and Tel Aviv 30 years ago at a rate of four flights per month, the source said.

Air Sinai currently makes two flights per week, the source added, and most of its passengers are Arabs coming to visit Egypt and Africans working in Israel.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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