Japan grants Egypt 2 billion yen to fund bilateral educational projects

The Japanese government granted Egypt 2 billion yen to be used to buy educational and research equipment for the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology.                           
The Official Gazette published in its issue No. 529 of the year 2017 an approval for letters signed in Cairo on July 26, 2017, between Egypt and Japan on the grant. 
Egypt has been recently building a stronger relationship with Japan on the political and cultural levels. Japan has been carrying out major projects in Egypt, particularly in the Suez Canal zone.
Development projects financed by the Japanese government include the construction of small dams in Dayrout, which were signed for in March; the development of the use of 'clean coal' as an energy source; and the purchase of equipment required for the Egypt-Japan University.
Japan also signed a deal in October 2016 to provide US$460 million in funding for the construction of Egypt's Grand Museum.

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