Khaled Saeed trial adjourned to October


Alexandria Criminal Court postponed on Thursday the murder trial of Khaled Saeed to 1 October to hear pleadings.

The trial was referred back to Criminal Court from Cassation Court as the latter decided to have it reviewed by Criminal Court presided by Judge Moussa al-Nahrawy and heard testimonies of around 15 witnesses.

The trial dates back to 2010 when his death led to a major wave of protests around the country.

His killing became a symbol of police brutality and is widely believed to have triggered the 25 January revolution. The medical examiner’s report on his death also sparked widespread controversy after murder and torture were ruled out as causes of death. Initial medical reports claimed Saeed had died of asphyxiation after swallowing a bag of marijuana to hide it from police.

Prosecutors referred it to trial for three charges of arresting someone illegally, physical torture and using force. The suspects are policemen Mahmoud Salah Mahmoud and Awad Ismail Suleiman. Both were convicted during the first trial and were sentenced to seven years in rigorous imprisonment.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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