At least 3 killed in Cairo market blaze

A massive fire broke out today at a popular market in the Cairo district of Sayyeda Aisha, security sources and eye witnesses have reported. The fire has left at least three people killed and dozens injured.

A security official said the fire started early this morning at the Tunsi Market in Basateen after a car carrying three people fell off the Tunsi Bridge located above the market. According to eye witnesses, the car imeediately exploded and the fire quickly spread to the wooden huts in the market.

According to state-owned Middle East News Agency, all three victims were car passengers.

Fire trucks rushed to the scene and managed to extinguish the fire, said security sources. Eye witnesses say civil defense forces and firefighters are still present in large numbers.

Fires are a common occurence in Egyptian cities due to heat waves, improper building maintenance, as well as sluggish responses by rescue authorities.

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