At least 5 killed in Cairo building collapse

Five people were killed and at least two injured as a four-story building in Cairo's Boulaq Abul Ela district collapsed on Sunday evening, security sources have said.

The building was located on Sheikh Ali Street, and three families were inside when it collapsed.

The number of victims is expected to increase as rescue teams continue to search for more people in the rubble.

Two members of the rescue team suffered from asphyxiation during the search, the sources said.

Residents set up barriers before the ruins and prevented journalists from taking photos until all bodies were taken away.

Sources said that within the last decade the building was ordered to be demolished because it put residents' lives at risk.

In 2008 at least three people were killed when another building collapsed in Boulaq Abul Ela.

The collapse of buildings is common in Egypt due to worn-out buildings and contractors' violations. Thousands of buildings in Egypt are built in violation of safety regulations, and maintenance of old buildings rarely takes place.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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