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Mastering makeup: Under eyeglasses

Sometimes, women prefer to wear glasses rather than contact lenses, especially to work.

However, many career oriented women falsely believe that glasses and eye make-up don’t go together. Here are some useful make-up tips for those beautiful bread winners.

If your glasses make your eyes look smaller (you are short-sighted), opt for bright colors and light shades of pinks, greens and blue. Use eyeliner on your upper lids but don’t overdo it with the mascara; one layer is enough as your lashes should never touch your glasses.  

If your glasses make your eyes look bigger (you are long-sighted), choose nude and beige shades and avoid dark ones as they will make your eyes even bigger and sharper. No eyeliner is necessary.

If you wear glasses for astigmatism or protection from computer rays, you can probably wear normal make-up, but avoid dark colors like grey, blue and olive.

Always pluck your eyebrows and avoid black frames. If you absolutely have to wear black frames, tone down your makeup as much as you can.

Avoid solid dark lines of eyeliner on the upper lids by smudging your eyeliner.

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