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Meet ‘Umm al-Saad’, Egypt’s first Koshary-serving robot

Inside a famous Koshary restaurant in Cairo, a robot in a chef’s outfit and a cooking hat was seen serving orders to customers, the al-Watan newspaper reported on Monday.

Social media users shared a video clip of the encounter in which the robot, named “Umm al-Saad”, appeared on duty.



A large number of users commented on the video after it went viral, with comments such as “Have robots arrived in Egypt?”, and “(A) Beautiful thing, and this indicates the country’s progress and its interaction with artificial intelligence.”

Others were not so enthusiastic.

One user feared that “This could replace workers”, while another wrote that“Artificial intelligence, although useful, is scary at the same time.”


The spread of AI

AI technologies have spread rapidly, and are now actively used in various fields including restaurants. Studies have even shown that AI contributes significantly to providing a distinguished customer service, according to the menusbee website.

AI can process reservation requests and cancel or confirm reservations, using natural language processing technology which allows the system to understand requests and inquiries in multiple languages.

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