Meteorological experts: Moderate weather on Monday

Meteorological experts predicted that temperatures will go up to levels normal for this time of year. Moderate weather is expected on Monday during the day, getting extremely cool during the night across Egypt.

Low and cummulus clouds are predicted to appear in the country's north. Thick mist will reduce visibility during the early morning along northern coasts, Cairo and cities overlooking Suez Canal. Light to moderate eastern wind will blow up the south and Mediterranean coasts.

Both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea are predicted to be calm. Wave heights in the Mediterranean will range between one and two meters, whereas in the Red Sea it will range between two and three meters. Eastern winds will blow up across Mediterreanean, while northeasterly winds will sweep through Red Sea.

Expected temperatures for Monday (degrees in Celsius):

Cairo: 22-12

Alexandria: 21- 11

Port Said: 21- 14

Hurghada: 23- 14

Sharm al-Sheikh: 24- 15

Aswan: 27- 12

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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