Military thwarts smuggling of drugs and arms on Libyan border

The Egyptian armed forces have announced its success in foiling an attempt to smuggle drugs, arms and ammunition into Egypt from across the Libyan border.

Six Libyans and one Egyptian were arrested while attempting to smuggle firearms and other weapons. The armed forces were also able to arrest four others, including three Libyans and one Egyptian, who attempted to smuggle live ammunition into the country.

Two people were arrested while trying to smuggle in hashish and foreign currency into Egypt, while one Egyptian and one Libyan were caught smuggling gold jewelry into the country.

All of the defendants were transferred to the Matrouh Military Prosecution and will be tried shortly.

Meanwhile, military and civil police raided a weapons and firearms workshop in Matareya, Cairo. The operation was disguised as a repair shop for washing machines.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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