Ministry of Youth launches online booking for Aswan-Luxor

Egypt’s Ministry of Youth has launched the “Know your country” online booking application on Wednesday, available at the ministry’s official website and the Misr gate for youth and sports, in order to encourage visits to Luxor and Aswan as part of the country’s 2030 strategy for the implementation of e-governorate systems, the Borsa website reported.

The ministry explained that young people between the 18-35 age range could register on the Misr gate and book for the cities of Luxor and Aswan cities as part of the “Know Your Country” program.

Four regiments have been allocated for the university and higher institutes’ students, the ministry added.

Egypt has successfully improved its status as a premium travel destination in 2018, regaining the world’s trust in it’s safety as a tourist destination.

Many esteemed organizations have nominated Egypt as one of the top travel destinations, through the number of tourists or booking rates at hotels.

Business magazine Forbes published an article in July 2018 by travel writer Allison DiLiegro, encouraging tourists to visit Egypt and noting improvements in the country’s security situation.

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