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Mohamed Maher’s latest book ‘New York – Florida’ now available digitally on Abjjad

Cairo’s Al-Moharer Publishing House, has announced the digital release of ‘New York – Florida,’ authored by journalist Mohamed Maher, available on the Abjjad platform.

The paperback edition is set to launch during the Cairo International Book Fair in January.

In an official statement, Al-Moharer elaborates on how the book sheds light on the author’s five-year experience as an Egyptian journalist in the United States (2018-2022), providing readers with a unique glimpse into the daily life and culture of America.

The book, featuring an introduction by author Abdel-Moneim Said, embarks on a journey starting from New York, delving into Arab communities, iconic natural landmarks, spiritual gatherings, religious events, and the atmosphere of religious tolerance in this cosmopolitan city.

Readers are treated to a unique tour of the residence of renowned literary figure Edgar Allan Poe, considered the father of gothic horror.

The book also includes an insightful visit to the Pentagon, following a brief excursion to Washington.

In Florida, Maher provides an in-depth exploration of spiritual and religious landmarks alongside significant political events, including the recent US elections there. The author also offers a unique tour inside NASA and the world of space science.

The book features interviews with notable public figures such as the commander of the US Space Command, and the former director of NASA.

It also features an interview with Egyptian scientist Farouk al-Baz, who helped in the Apollo moon landing, and discussions with various American political figures and mayors from several American cities.

The director of Al-Moharer Publishing House in Cairo Ali Rashed explains that the book caters to a diverse readership with a passion for travel and exploration. It provides an immersive experience for Egyptian and Arab readers, whether they are journeying through New York, Florida, or even venturing into outer space.

What truly sets the book apart is its inclusion of a rich array of images in each chapter or article, totaling over 140 vibrant photos taken by the author during his travels.

Maher is an Egyptian journalist with more than 14 years of experience.

He serves as the US correspondent for Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper in Egypt and holds the position of senior US correspondent for the Emirati Al-Ain news portal. He has extensively covered significant events, including the historic peace agreement signing between the United Arab Emirates and Israel at the White House in September 2020, the U.S. presidential elections in 2020, the congressional elections in 2018, the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2018, and the 2019 Oscars.

Maher has also been actively involved in training young journalists through programs like ‘Online Journalist’ and ‘Global Partnerships,’ including his participation in the prestigious ‘Edward R. Murrow’ journalist exchange program, a component of the US Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program.

The Al-Moharer Publishing House, established in 2022, is an Egyptian publishing house dedicated to literary and cultural content spanning various fields of knowledge.

In little over a year, the publishing house has successfully released more than 50 titles.

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