Mufti ratifies death sentence given to 26 Muslim Brotherhood suspects

North Cairo Criminal Court sentenced in absentia on Wednesday 26 suspects affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood after the mufti ratified the decision.

The suspects are accused of establishing a terrorist group that targets attacking freedoms of individuals and harming national interests as well as the Suez Canal.

The court also sentenced the 27th suspect to 15 years in rigorous prison.

In February, the court submitted papers of the suspects to the mufti to ratify the sentence. The ratification was made on Wednesday.

Prosecution accused the suspects of joining a terrorist group that targets ships passing through the canal, manufacturing of missiles to achieve their purposes, targeting security establishments and possessing bombs and weapons.

The investigations showed that the suspects called for attacking military and police personnel as well as Copts and their places of worship, properties, tourists, public and petrol establishments and Suez Canal depending on their terrorist methods.


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