NDP and Muslim Brotherhood to compete in series of run-off elections

The commission supervising the voting process in Gharbiya announced today the results of the poll in six constituencies, namely Bassioun, Kafr al-Zayyat, Tanta, Santa, Samannoud and Nahatai.

In Bassioun, Brotherhood candidate Alam Eddin Sakhawi and National Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Nabil Feseekh are set to compete in the run-off vote for the professional seat.

In the same constituency, the run-off vote for the workers seat will include two candidates, one of whom is an independent, after both the Wafd and NDP candidates lost in the first round.

In the Tanta constituency, the run-off vote for the professional seat will include Yasser al-Gendi and Ahmed Shoubeir, former Ahly goalkeeper and present sports show host, both of whom are NDP candidates.

In the same constituency, Sayyed Askar and Mohamed Ereibi will compete in the run-off vote for the workers seat, the first being a Brotherhood candidate and the second an NDP candidate.

In the Santa constituency, Mohamed Badrawi claimed a professional seat for the NDP.  NDP candidates will compete in the run-off election for the workers seat.  

In the Nahatai constituency, Mahmoud Abu Zeid, a former irrigation minister and NDP candidate for the professional seat, and Abdel Gawwad Shabana, the Brotherhood candidate, are to compete again in the run-off vote.

In the Kafr al-Zayyat and Sammound constituencies the NDP has won all seats.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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