NDP figure attacks Muslim Brotherhood and media

Ahmed Ezz, secretary for organizational affairs at the National Democratic Party, strongly criticized the Muslim Brotherhood and the media during an electoral conference held in the city of Abu Hummus to support NDP candidates in Beheira Governorate.
“Injecting religion into politics has corrupted politics,” said Ezz. “Both Muslims and Christians cherish their religions, but all states have separated the church from the state… I urge the Brotherhood to discuss problems related to the environment and salaries.”
Ezz also accused the media of distorting the truth and spreading lies, saying that some newspapers give Egyptians a daily dose of depression and seek to mislead them. “They said that Article 67 of the Constitution was tailored for certain people. However, the truth is that it allows any party to compete in the election if it has one MP in parliament,” said Ezz, who added that this is the easiest condition to fulfill in all electoral systems in the world.
Meanwhile, eyewitnesses and Muslim Brotherhood sources said 30 people were injured by police in an attack on an election march in Abu Hummus. Seven policemen were injured, according to the police.
Eyewitnesses added that hundreds of supporters of Brotherhood Shura Council candidate Mohamed elZayyat participated in the march and were attacked by the police who used tear gas and gunfire to break up the march.
Brotherhood sources said around 12 of those injured are members of the Brotherhood and are currently undergoing treatment.
“The police were forced to use tear gas after members of the Brotherhood hurled stones at them,” a security source in Abu Hummus told Reuters.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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